Visit 2 of the most important old jewish sites in Portugal: Tomar & Coimbra

Tomar, known as the city of the Templars, reveals other traces of their influence, particularly the Sete Montes Park, where traditionally rites of initiation are said to have taken place, and the Church of Santa Maria do Olival. The Jews, after being expelled from Spain, founded a colony here in the narrow streets of the historical center, in which one of the oldest synagogues in Portugal is conserved, complemented by the Abraão Zacuto Luso-Hebrew Museum.
Coimbra was the setting for the forbidden love of Dom Pedro I (1357-67) and Dona Inês, a lady at court. Inês was executed at the orders of the king Dom Afonso IV, who saw in this romance the danger of Portugal being submitted to the rule of Castile.
Enjoy a fantastic day learning about two of Portugal’s most historic cities.